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​Girls' JSHS English Teacher, Southern Tokyo, April 2024

We are looking for a JHS and SHS English teacher at a school in Southern Tokyo for April 2024. The school is conveniently located just a couple of minutes from the nearest train station. The school has a relaxed working environment, the students are nice to work with, and has a very low teacher turn over rate. It also comes with the perks of a 'gyomuitaku' contract which allows for a lot of holidays, so if you like to travel during the holidays this might be the right position for you.

Contract Period: April 1 2024 - March 31 2025
Contract Type: gyomuitaku
Location: Southern Tokyo
Payment: 280,000 - 320,000yen/month (before tax) + transportation
Lesson: Up to 20 lessons/week (scheduled from Mon to Fri and from 1st to 7th period, occasional weekends)
Lesson Contents: Oral communication, speech, debate, writing, presentation

-preparing and teaching up to 20 lessons a week
-teaching at the English club
-teaching English classes on school open days
-instructing and judging at English speech contests
-correcting and grading essays
-making, marking, and proofreading English exams
-teaching summer intensive English courses

Candidates must:
-have a bachelor's degree or higher
-min 2 years solo-teaching experience at secondary school
-be capable of making and implementing effective and interesting lessons
-have excellent classroom management skills
-have a good understanding of different cultures and good interpersonal skills
-currently reside in Japan with a valid visa

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