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​Teaching Positions (Full Time / Part Time / Substitute), All Prefectures


We're starting to recruit for April 2024. Although the majority of our positions are for English communication classes, there has been a rise in immersion and subject teaching as of late. If you are a dedicated, passionate, and energetic teacher, apply with us now for a chance to talk about your background and preferences. We'd love to see what we can do for you. Having an interview with us would help speed up the application process when a potential and suitable position opens up in the future. Whether it be full time, part time, substitute or a one off position, we look forward to connecting with you.


Contract: freelance or dispatch (gyomuitaku or haken)

*depends on the client school

Period: 2024  Apr ~ 2025 Mar

Work Days: Mon ~ Sat (Sunday + 1 weekday off)

Work Hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00

*give or take depending on the school schedule 

Classes: Up to 20 lessons/week

Compensation: from 280,000JPY (before tax) / mth + transportation reimbursement

Insurance: Social insurance and employment insurance

*under dispatch (haken) contracts only


-preparing and teaching up to 20 lessons/week

-developing curriculum and material

-homeroom or assistant homeroom teacher duties

-test making, marking, assessment

-supervising during exams

-teaching supplementary lessons

-accompanying students on school excursions

-preparing study abroad program

-after school club activity

-attending meetings and teacher training

-attending school events, open school, and school ceremonies

Candidates must:

-have a bachelor's degree or higher
-have 2 years minimum relevant teaching experience
-be capable of making and implementing interesting and engaging lessons
-have a good understanding of different cultures and good interpersonal skills

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