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Teaching English as a second language in Japan is a different ball game to teaching in your native country, or even other countries where English is a second language. Veteran teachers will still struggle when they first pursue a teaching career in Japanese schools. Here, we will go over some things that teachers should be aware of so as not to be put in the deep end upon arrival.

  • I want to work in an international school. Can you help me find a position?
    EduCareer does not deal directly with international schools. We believe that there are positions in regular Japanese schools that would provide a fulfilling and enjoyable work environment equal to that of an international school. A position with us could also be that stepping stone that you have been looking for to get into an international school.
  • I don't have a university degree. Will this prevent me from securing a position?
    ​All candidates are required to have a valid degree from an accredited university, ideally a degree in English, education, or similar discipline. In order to receive a working visa to teach in Japan, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum.
  • I'm not a native English speaker. Does this mean I will mot be considered for a position?
    At EduCareer, we believe that if you are a qualified teacher it will be possible to find a position. Non-native speakers are often at a big disadvantage, especially when it comes to English teaching as many schools specifically ask for a native speaker. That being said, it may be worth considering teaching your specialised subject, in addition to English classes. Why not register with us and see what we can do for you?
  • What kind of holidays can I expect?
    ​In general, other than calendar national holidays, school holidays are 3-4 weeks for summer (Jul/Aug), 1-2 weeks for winter (Dec/Jan), 1-2 weeks for spring (Mar). ​ This however depends very much on the school and whether you are full time or part time. For example, some schools require teachers to come to school over the summer to supervise club activities, take summer courses, workshops etc. ​ If you are working as a full time teacher with EduCareer, your salary will not be prorated over the holidays. ​ For part time teachers however, more often than not you will not be paid during the holidays.
  • Who will sponsor my visa?
    ​This will depend on your contract type. If your contract is direct with the school, it will be up to them to provide you the necessary documents. If you're full time through a dispatch company they will sort things out. ​ Be mindful that there are several factors that could prevent you from being successful in receiving a visa. One is not having graduated from university, and the other is your total salary. With part time work it is very difficult to find a visa sponsor, although it is possible to sponsor yourself if you have several part time positions to meet the minimum salary requirement.
  • Do you provide national health insurance and pension?
    ​This will depend on the type of contract you have and the deal offered to you by the school. If you are direct hired then there is a chance that it will be included in your employment package. If you are through a dispatch company it is more than likely not included. ​ The reason why teachers through dispatch agencies are not obliged to provide contributions is due to the type of system they use to employ teachers. In Japanese it is called “gyomu itaku” and roughly translated means “service contract” i.e. you are essentially offering your services to the dispatch agency and are considered self-employed.
  • I'm not in Japan at the moment. Will this prevent me from being considered?
    ​Whilst being in Japan for interviews is a definite advantage, being overseas will not automatically exclude you from being considered. However the vast majority of schools will request a face-to-face interview, so if you are not in Japan at that time you may lose out on an opportunity. ​ While we may have come a long way in video meetings, would you hire someone to take care of your children without meeting them first? If you are interested in an interview opportunity, register with us today to be considered by our recruitment team.
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