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Global Partners Co., Ltd. (operator of the “EduCareer” website, hereby referred to as “Global Partners”) will handle your personal information in its possession based on the following policies.

How Global Partners Handles Personal Information

Global Partners shall handle personal information in compliance with the laws, including ordinances, regarding personal information and the mandatory guidelines established by the minister in charge.

Personal Information

Personal information is information that identifies an individual by means of descriptions such as name, address, telephone number, email address, workplace, and date of birth. It includes any information that may not be identifiable in its own right but becomes identifiable when cross-referenced with other information.

Purpose Of Use Of Personal Information

Global Partners, unless otherwise permitted by law, shall specify the purpose of use to the best of its ability and will handle personal information within the scope for which you have given prior permission.

Consequences When Personal Information Is Not Provided

In principle, the items required at the point of collection of personal information are indicated as "required." If you do not provide this information, the relevant services may not be available.

Providing Personal Information To Third Parties

Global Partners, in principle, will not provide personal information to third parties without your express permission. However, in the following cases, Global Partners may provide personal information without your permission, within the applicable laws and regulations:

1. When disclosure of the information is necessary for the improvement of public health and promoting children’s welfare, and it is difficult to obtain your permission.

2. When it is necessary to cooperate with national organisations or local governments, or parties entrusted by them so that they can perform their duties as required by law, and obtaining your consent may obstruct such performance.

3. When disclosure of personal information is required by a court, prosecutor’s office, the police, bar association, consumer information centre or other body with equivalent authority.

4. When you explicitly request disclosure or provision to a third party.

5. When the law permits disclosure and provision.

6. When personal information is provided following a business succession through a merger or other such reasons, and is handled within the scope necessary to fulfill its intended purposes before the succession.


Accuracy of personal information Global Partners strives for accurate data processing of any personal information provided; however, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that his/her information is accurate and up-to-date.

Management Of Personal Information

Global Partners strives to maintain personal information in its possession as accurate and current within the scope of the intended use, and takes necessary and proper security measures in line with current technological standards in order to protect information from improper access, alternation, leakage and other threats.

Use Of Statistical Data

Global Partners may use personal information received from customers to create statistical data that are processed so as not to be personally identifiable. Global Partners may use such data without any restriction.

Confirmation Of Identity

When responding to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, or termination of use of personal information, Global Partners verifies the identity of the individual concerned by using personally identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address).
Global Partners accepts no liability if a party other than the individual concerned obtains and uses such information.

Contact For Enquiry Regarding Personal Information Management

When you request disclosure, correction, deletion, or termination of use of personal information, Global Partners will take reasonable steps (within the scope necessary to fulfill its purpose) to respond promptly after verifying your identity. Please make enquiry directly to Global Partners at the following email address;

Amendments Of Privacy Policy

Unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant laws, Global Partners may amend its Privacy Policy when necessary.

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