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Informative Interview

Listen to what some of our teachers have to say. All teachers interviewed here have worked, or are still working with EduCareer. The ones who are not working for us anymore? They were directly hired by our schools, with EduCareer right behind them supporting both teacher and school until the very end.

Michael Brooks testimonial pic.jpeg

Michael B (US)

"I was an ALT for seven years. While the work was satisfying, I was starting to seriously develop as a teacher and the lack of long-term potential was getting somewhat frustrating. I knew I was capable of more, but I didn't really know what was out there, or how to find it.


EduCareer gave me a chance to use my experience in a more challenging environment and it turned out wonderfully.


I had thought my earlier school was a great fit for me, but they were able to place me at one that is even better.


On top of that, I now have just the position I was looking for: one that is very rewarding and with plenty of room to grow. I think this is the ideal for any serious English teacher."


Semih B (The Netherlands)

"Working for EduCareer has been a great and professional experience. When I started applying for jobs through them, the staff members were supportive and kept in constant communication with me.

At first, when I applied on their website, I was invited for an interview to talk about myself and my goals. I was asked specifically what I, as an individual was looking for in Education. Then, the staff members would try their best to find schools with job openings that fit my description.  

After being hired, EduCareer provided their support with travel, day to day operations, taxes, visa issues and advice on teaching through their weekly newsletters. I feel that the communication between me and the staff is very open and I can ask them about anything at any time.  

I can describe EduCareer as an honest and professional employer, that seeks to improve the conditions of Education in Japan and hire the personnel that would contribute to their goal. I would highly recommend any teacher searching for a job to apply for EduCareer, such individuals will surely be in for a pleasant working environment."


"EduCareer helped me find a job that was a perfect fit for me.


After many years stuck as an ALT or at eikaiwas, I now plan and teach my own classes at a great school that allows me to be experimental and creative. It's the perfect challenge.


In addition to finding the job and coordinating interviews, they still check in and hold regular meetings to check that both the school and I are doing well.


The staff at EduCareer are friendly and efficient, responding to requests for help almost immediately. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wanting to further their education careers in Japan."

Jacqueline T (South Africa)


Robert D (UK)

"I have been working with EduCareer for over five years. At the beginning, I had an interview with them and they then introduced me to the staff at the high school where I have been working ever since. It was an incredibly smooth process!


Since then, the staff at EduCareer have been very helpful with any issues I have had with my working life. They have also been very supportive with questions on tax, insurance, etc.


There has also been a training program with the company. This has been a series of videos to watch and then answer some questions on. The videos have been very relevant and stimulating for career development. The questions have also been very thought provoking. I have enjoyed the training videos very much and feel that they have had a positive impact on my practice as an English language educator.


All in all, I think EduCareer are a great company to work with."


Laura T (New Zealand)

"I joined EduCareer after relocating to Kanagawa in 2019.


Finding a new job can be a daunting task however, not only did the team at EduCareer ensure that the transition went smoothly, but they also welcomed me with warm and open arms.


It was not just the kind and friendly staff which attracted me to the company, but also the fair working conditions and contracts. I knew that I could put my trust in EduCareer and in return I would be valued for my teaching capability.


In addition, they continue to provide ongoing career support, often informing me of any teaching opportunities which may be better suited to my personal situation.


I know with confidence that I can go to the team with anything, no matter how small it may seem, and that they will always be happy to answer any questions and concerns I have both swiftly and professionally. This is something I highly value in a company and I know that I can count on EduCareer."

Darren Bloomfield testimonial pic.jpeg

Darren B (UK)

"My experience with EduCareer has been great. I started working with the company this year, and my current employment is at a private high school. The interview process was very relaxed, and I felt comfortable throughout the whole process.

What caught my eye was the actual teaching position. I was informed that the school had a special Saturday English program, and that teachers were able to create and develop their own lesson content. In my experience, this is rare in Saturday English programs.


My lesson focus is to get students speaking as much English as possible. This Saturday program was perfect for my teaching style and so far,  I am having so much fun.


The staff at the school are amazing - very friendly and supportive. I felt comfortable from the get-go. The school's aim is to improve their English course, and gave the foreign staff the chance to develop their own lessons based around monthly themes. We also have small meetings to discuss what lesson themes are in the pipeline. Communication is vital, and sharing ideas also helps the team make brilliant lessons.


EduCareer have class observations to check progress. Alongside that, you can discuss any issues you are having, or talk about things that may concern you. My final thoughts are, if you want a stable dispatch company with a great support network, then EduCareer is the best company I have worked for as of yet in Japan."


Ivin G (The Philippines)

"EduCareer helped me find my current job I really love it!


I found EduCareer through a post from a known website. The information got me interested and I immediately applied online.


The application process was smooth and clear. It was also fast. They responded to my application a few days after I sent it, and immediately scheduled an interview.


The interview was wonderful. The staff were very accommodating, helpful, and polite. They provided all the information I needed to know and explained the job description.

They assisted me with all the paperwork and made sure that I was always updated.


Communication is easy with them and they are always willing to assist and support their teachers. I feel they genuinely care for their teachers.

I am grateful to EduCareer that I am enjoying my job as a teacher and my stay here in Japan."

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