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​*NEW* Girls' JSHS English Teacher, Central Tokyo, Apr 2022

A junior and senior high school in Central Tokyo is looking for an passionated and dedicated English teacher. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and cover letter.

Contract Type: Outsourcing (gyoumuitaku)
Contract Period: April 2022 - March 2023
Pay: 280,000yen/month - 320,000yen/month (before tax) + transportation
* Depending on background and experience
Number of Classes: Up to 20 lessons/week (scheduled Mon to Fri)
Lesson Content: Oral communication, presentation, speeches, etc

Contract includes the following services:
- Lesson preparation and teaching
- Material development
- Making and marking exams
- Teaching at the English Club
- Coaching and judging for English speech contests
- Attending open school days
- Preparing and teaching seasonal courses

Candidates must:

- Have a bachelor's degree or higher
- At least 2 years of classroom teaching experience at secondary school
- Be capable of making and implementing effective and interesting lessons
- Be able to work as a part of a team and also independently

- Have a good understand of different cultures and good interpersonal skills
- Must currently reside in Japan with a valid visa

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