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​Guest Post, ALT Positions, Chiba Prefecture


Position description:

ALT (English assistant teacher) positions throughout Chiba prefecture

Send resumes to:

Contact person:

Riho Saito

Who wants to start building your career in Japan? If you are enthusiastic about English education and love teaching, you might want to consider being an ALT.


What is ALT?

Assisting Language Teacher at public schools in Japan assist Japanese teachers in their everyday life of helping students to understand English. Work together with teachers to help bring a fun and interest side of English by being their mentors.



・Support English lessons with a Japanese teacher

・Teach English to different age groups by collaborating with a Japanese teacher

・Show and tell the fun side of English learning

・Display your ideas with educational supplements for lessons

・Encourage the students to speak English



・Monthly average pay (daily basis)

・Monday~ Friday (Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays are off)

・Opportunities for career development

・Visa Sponsorship available



・Native level English (Japanese skill welcome but not required)

・12 years of education conducted in English for non-native applicants

・Bachelor’s degree or higher or equivalent

・Driver’s license for some areas

・Valid Visa to work in Japan welcome


Why Heart Corporation

We have been doing ALT business for almost 30 years. Our bilingual staff will support you from the beginning to the end. For example, there will be an orientation session, online materials you could refer and use for your classes, have an opportunity to greet teachers from your future school and of course we support your daily life at school. We also help you get working visa and be an agent for other complicating but necessary procedures. We would love to have you soon!

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