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​*NEW* Semi Full Time, JSHS English Teacher, Tokyo, Sep 2023


A private JHS/SHS in Tokyo is looking for an English teacher to teach in its Global Course, starting in the 2nd term of 2023 academic year (from September).

Contract period: Sep 2023 - Mar 2024
Contract type: Dispatch (haken)
Payment: 240,000-280,000yen/month (before tax) + transportation

Social Insurance: health, pension, and employment insurance
Location: Northern Tokyo
Work days: 4 days/week (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Sat), 8:00-16:40
Class: returnee English classes


-Lesson preparation

-Teaching up to 16 lessons/week
-Making and marking exams
-Curriculum and material development
-After school club
-Accompanying school excursions
-Teaching English classes on school open days
-Creating, marking, and proofreading exams
-Attending meetings, school events, school ceremonies, and teacher training
-Homeroom teacher duties (Tannin)
-Supervising during exams
-Other necessary tasks related to school, classes, and students


Candidates must:

- Have a bachelor's degree or higher (major in English related subject strongly preferable)
- At least 3 years of classroom teaching experience at secondary school
- Be capable of making and implementing effective and interesting lessons
- Have passion and enthusiasm about education
- Must currently reside in Japan with a valid visa

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