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​*NEW* JHS Math, Western Tokyo, March 2023

We are looking for passionate and dedicated teachers to help kickstart a new program in a secondary school that is looking to expand its international course. The ideal candidates must be team players who are capable of working off a curriculum, and also capable of tentative curriculum development and/or creation. We are especially looking for committed teachers who are planning a mid to long term career in the Japanese education system. If you feel you have the right background for this opportunity, click the apply button to get in touch with us.


Contract Period: April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024

Contract Type: Dispatch

Working Days: 5 days/week (days off Sunday + 1 week day)

*Due to open schools and school events, teachers may need to work during their off days (compensatory time off will be granted)

Regular Working Hours: 8:00-17:30

Classes: Up to 20 lessons/week

Annual Compensation: from 3,700,000yen - 5,500,000yen (before tax) + transportation

Insurance: Social insurance and employment insurance


-preparing and teaching up to 20 lessons/week

-developing curriculum and material

-assistant homeroom teacher duties

-test making, marking, assessment

-supervising during exams

-teaching supplementary lessons

-accompanying students on school excursions

-preparing study abroad program

-after school club activity

-attending meetings and teacher training

-attending school events, open school, and school ceremonies


Candidates must:

-have a bachelor's degree or higher

-have at least 2 years of relevant teaching experience (in the subject matter) at secondary school

-be capable of solo teaching

-be capable of working off a curriculum with possibility of development

-have ESL certification and/or teaching license

-intermediate level of Japanese (N2 ideal)

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