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Finding a Teaching Position Out of Season

The start of the calendar year is the biggest job-hunting season in Japan. Summer vacation (July-August) is the second biggest. Some people on temporary contracts may find their contracts finished at the end of July. Others may decide summer is the time to escape a job that wasn't a good fit. Winter also has its share of openings if teachers decide to return home for good at Christmas.

When job hunting during the off-season, the same tips apply as when looking for jobs in the spring. However, with fewer positions available, networking becomes more important.

Often positions that come up during the summer are open because someone has suddenly left a school, leaving the school without much time to post ads and look for candidates. So if you know someone who knows someone working there, you have an "in".

It may be worthwhile to print up some business cards with your personal contact information so that you can leave your name with people who may be able to help you down the line. Business cards can be made very cheaply at any local printer, or through one of the automatic card-printing machines found at some major train stations.

Although many Japanese workers still physically do their rounds to potential connections to exchange business cards, in times of Covid-19 however, this may not be the best way to go about it. If you haven't already, make use of your SNS pages such as Facebook and LinkedIn to start connecting.

It is also good idea to contact employers such as EduCareer/Global Partners to let them know you're looking for work and send your most recent resume even if it's out of season. When positions come up suddenly they have to be filled suddenly, so you want your name fresh in an employer's mind.

Even if you've sent in your resume or interviewed with a company before, don't assume they will contact you if there has been a few months since your last contact.

If you're looking for a teaching position out of season, reach out to us for a chance to get reconnected and updated about possible openings.

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